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Posted on Sep 8, 2014 in Magnificent Meals | 17 comments

Pie Week – Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014

Written by Mummy.


Pastry – yay! I don’t do pastry, except the really easy mince pies we make at Christmas and I had no idea what we would make for Pie & Tart week. Luckily for us Jacob had loads of ideas – and finally settled on making a meatball, mashed potato and vegetable pie. Sounds great doesn’t it? On reflection he decided it was actually a tart as it didn’t have a lid on it.

As I know you will all be desperate to recreate this amazing dish here’s what we did!

Meatball, potato & vegetable pie

For the pastry we weighed out 450g plain flour and 200g unsalted butter added a bit of salt and rubbed together until slightly resembling breadcrumbs (at this point Jacob reminded me that we really should get a mixer!) He then added a little water and mixed in until it became dough-like and then we chilled it in the fridge whilst we made the filling.

I think we should have baked the pastry before filling it, but I’m not sure and so we didn’t. Nobody died after eating it so I guess it was ok!

Next we started on the mash. Jacob peeled 2 very big spuds and we boiled these until soft and then mashed with a little milk. Jacob decided mashing is quite tough but he is really getting the hang of the peeler now!

We made the meatballs with half a pack of lean pork mince and added to it garlic salt, some sage and on Jacob’s advice some chilli flakes. He mushed it all together and formed it into 13 almost equal sized balls. He cooked these in a large frying pan (no oil) turning frequently until cooked.

We took the pastry from the fridge and tried to roll it out, Jacob found this a bit tricky so I did this and then he pushed the pastry into the dish. We mixed some frozen peas and tinned (sorry Mary) carrots into the mash and then filled the pastry with the mixture. Jacob then pushed the meatballs into the mash so they were evenly spaced out.

We baked it in the oven for about 40 mins at 190. I had no idea how to know if the bottom of the pastry was cooked but it seemed ok!

We served it with mixed vegetables and some lovely thick gravy! It actually tasted really good, although Daddy nearly had a heart attack at the amount of butter in the pastry. We are loving Jacob’s new skull cap which we ordered from Little Chef Big Chef so he could be just like Uncle John.

Easy-meatball-pie-recipe for kids


  1. see ths is why i wish more children joined in with the bake off because of their ideas! i love the sound of this pie / tart and i think its really clever and i would have tried it
    thank you for joining in and well done again Jacob xx
    jenny paulin recently posted…Rainbow Pinata CupcakesMy Profile

    • I’m actually really proud of his idea although it did sound incredibly stodgy. It was only once it was finished that Jacob remembered that he doesn’t actually like pastry in savoury food but he ate it.
      I hope that doing this will encourage others to try cooking with their kids as it really isn’t that bad – just time consuming.
      The boy who cooked recently posted…Pie Week – Great Bloggers Bake Off 2014My Profile

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