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Posted on Mar 29, 2013 in Tasty Treats | 0 comments

Make your own Mini Eggs

I came across some lovely little egg moulds the other week, even though I had nothing planned for them I couldn’t resist getting them.

We came up with all kind of ideas of what we could put inside – custard, jam, caramel, but when it came to it I wasn’t quite sure any of us had the skills to fill something so small!

We settled instead for just making mini eggs. We melted chocolate, filled the moulds and then left them to set. I say we – all bar turning the hob on was done by 5 year old Jacob.

Before filling, he sprinkled a little edible glitter into each egg shape, so they had a little decoration. Once set we melted a little more chocolate and pasted the halves together.

No matter how easy or unimpressive the final result, the measure of a good recipe is how much fun you had doing it and how much mess you can make!


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