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Posted on Aug 27, 2014 in Magnificent Meals | 8 comments

My First Lasagne

Written by Mummy.

Last year we got sent The Kids Only Cookbook, we’ve looked through it a few times but never made anything from it…until now. Jacob has decided that he wants to start cooking properly, I think he wants to be like his uncle, and we’ve said he can have a go. His first challenge was lasagne, which he loves. He started by making a shopping list

I made a seperate note of what we actually needed to buy and we picked these up during the day, ready for him to cook our tea that night.

To make the bolognese he grated (I thought that would be easier) the onion and carrot and chopped the garlic and fried them in a big pan (without oil as we have awesome non-stick ones) then added the mince to brown. To this we added the stock, passata and herbs and left it all to simmer. That sounds really quick and easy but in reality took about 45 mins!

Whilst that was cooking we made the cheese sauce – billed as cheats cheese sauce in the book. Basically you gently cook the creme fraiche, mozarella & cheddar until it’s all a bit stringy. Next time I’ll teach him to make a proper one!

We assembled the lasagne, which resulted in bits of pasta everywhere as he snapped it to fit in the dish properly and covered the top with the remaining cheese. I put the dish in the oven for him and we anxiously waited for it to cook.

It tasted really good and Jacob finished the remaining portion the following day. Next time as well as a real cheese sauce I will try and get him to add mushrooms and more seasoning…maybe even a drop of wine!

Not bad for a first attempt though!


Lasagne recipe for kids 1


  1. His love for cooking is just brilliant! That looks like a really decent lasagne too! :)

  2. Ah that lasagne looks DELICIOUS! Now I’m in the mood for some and we’re having fish cakes tonight, hmmm. I love the recipe book and such neat writing!
    Michelle Garrett recently posted…Writing a novel is really hardMy Profile

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