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Posted on Sep 12, 2014 in Tasty Treats | 22 comments

Easy pancakes for kids to make!

Dictated by Jacob!


This is the story of how to make pancakes.

First put 1 cup of flour into a mixing bowl.

Next put a cup of milk into the mixing bowl.

Now crack 1 egg into the mixing bowl – if any shell goes in the bowl just pick it out!

Mix until it is smooth, make sure it doesn’t have any lumps in.

Ask an adult to start heating a frying pan.

Then pour big blobs of mixture into the heated up frying pan.

After that when the top of the pancakes go all bubbly you’ll know it’s time to turn them over, use a spatula and slide it under to flip them.

Leave the other side to cook, then add your toppings and they are ready!

That’s how to make pancakes, you can also use this mixture for waffles!



  1. Go Jacob! We LOVE pancakes in this house too! And we have the same toaster as you in silver! ;-) x

  2. Did you also know Jacob that if you can’t get hold of the egg shell use another piece of egg shell and touch it with that. Egg shell is sort of magnetic and it is much easier to get it out if you use another piece. And then you dont get messy fingers either.

    I love your pancakes. You are an amazing cook!

  3. Wow those pancakes look amazing!

    I just want to eat them all up right now, well done.

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