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Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in Brilliant Baking | 8 comments

Creating a Show Stopper with Hadleigh Maid

Oh what a monster the Great British Bake Off has created! Jacob has absolutely loved coming up with ideas and joining in with the bakes every week, it has certainly broadened my baking knowledge too just trying to keep up with him! He decided that for the final week he would try and do a proper show-stopper and let his imagination get to work…it didn’t take long for the idea to form – Dinosaur World! He decided that this would also be the ideal time to use the Hadleigh Maid chocolate buttons that he  (yes sent for him to review, not me!) had been sent – I think his thought process was that we could use some of each type in the baking and he could scoff the rest!

We love the idea of Hadleigh Maid, firstly it’s a local company – from Suffolk, with the promise of being honestly made and crafted with integrity. Their team of chocolatiers are passionate about producing a realy quality product, with no additives, gluten free, nothing unnatural, just real chocolate. They sent us a bag of each of their 350g white, milk and dark chocolate buttons for baking (great just for eating too!)

Onto Dinosaur World! The plan was to make biscuits, a Stegosaurus cake and a volcano. Not ambitious at all. The recipes were all very simple and for the first time Jacob did every bit of baking himself, his confidence has grown that much that he was happy to do all the kneeding, holding the electric whisk and piping which is just amazing!

We started with the biscuits and used the same receipe as from our Harry Potter Biscuit House earlier in the series, we let the dough chill whilst we made the other cakes and then used dinosaur cutters to cut out the biscuits. Once baked and cooled we sandwiched 2 of each together with some strawberry syrup and dipped the feet into melted Hadleigh Maid milk chocolate buttons before trying to make them stand up whilst the chocolate set. That was my idea and probably the most disappointing thing about the bake – it didn’t work! The biscuits did not stand! They did taste good though ;-)

The volcano came next. A stack of very small profiteroles stuck together with whipped cream, drizzled in a strawberry syrup lava and then drenched in melted dark chocolate buttons. We used the same recipe as for our Double Chocolate Eclairs but as the were so small we didn’t fill them with cream, instead just used it more as cement to hold the volcano shape together. This part of the createing lasted the least amount of time – as soon as photos were done we divided it up to be scoffed!

Next the big one – Steggy! We used a very simple Madeira Cake recipe and baked it in two round tins adding some smashed up milk chocolate buttons to the mixture before baking. Once cooled, we sandwiched them with jam and tried to carve some sort of dinosaur shape! For the icing we melted white chocolate buttons and added them to buttercream with some green food colouring, we then covered Steggy with the icing and used milk chocolate buttons to decorate.

Jacob assembled Dinosaur World with a little help from the toy box for foliage! You can see from his face how proud he was of his work, and I’m really proud too, he’s learnt so much over the last 10 weeks and I can’t see it ending anytime soon. Steggy came with us to the golf club the following day so he could share his creation with the rest of the Junior players.


We were very impressed with the Hadleigh Maid Chocolate buttons, as you can see we made use of them in every part of the ‘creation’. They tasted delicious and better than that are the only chocolate we have successfully melted in the microwave – all 3 varieties! The quality is fantastic and I absolutely love that you can reseal the bags – had I realised this when they arrived at my office I wouldn’t have waited 2 weeks to try them! We will definitely be using these again, you can buy them online for £3.99 at I quite fancy giving their bars of chocolate a go but Jacob really wants the chocolate animals – they have owls and frogs – perfect for any little wizards!

We are entering this into the Great Bloggers Bake Off Final Challenge hosted by Jenny. Thank you so much for inspiring us to take part each week!


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  1. awww Jacob you have done yourself proud and the fact that you made all of that yourself is just amazing and it is staggering how good it is. i love that you used profiteroles as a volcano (yummy!) and that dinosaur is brilliant.i have LOVED your enthusiasm, gorgeous smile and amazing bakes thank you so much for joining in and good luck for this final challenge x x
    jenny paulin recently posted…Singing For Your BrandMy Profile

  2. Wow Jacob, I bet we’ll be seeing you on TV soon…this bake looks amazing! I’ve very jealous of the chocolate buttons you got sent too – I’d probably eat them rather than use them in a cake!!
    Carrie Landeryou recently posted…Exbury Autumn ColoursMy Profile

  3. I saw this the other day and I can’t even express how embarrassed it makes me feel. This is such an amazing cake and there’s no chance on earth I’d create anything like this. You’re so talented, Jacob. Great British Bake Off Junior? ;)
    Carolin recently posted…A random act of kindness by a complete strangerMy Profile

  4. Wow, what an amazing job you’ve done, you clearly have the pastry skillz and are already an incredible baker. I hope my little boy is pulling off show stoppers like that when he’s your age, well done!
    bluebirdsunshine recently posted…Choc Orange Autumn CrunchMy Profile

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